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Carrington Meats is farm to fork offering. Together Robert and Jessica Bell make Carrington Meats, a hormone free, pasture raised, locally produced and affordable product. The couple's passion for Agriculture led to them both studying it in NSW. Upon return to the highlands it was then that they became aware of the limited access families had to locally raised beef.


Little Big Dairy Co. Coming from a long and proud line of Dairy Farmers (over 100 years long!). Little Big Dairy have worked hard to sustainably produce the best milk to purchase. They started with the idea to deliver the ‘best tasting, single source milk’ to as many people as possible. They have a herd of 800 Holsteins, born and raised on their farm.


Our veg comes from various local supplies. With our founder's passion being to grow what she cooks, this would only mean we have our very own hand built gardens in Fitzroy Falls and East Bowral. We also source our veg from a fellow newbie ' Duck Foot Farm' organically grown vegetables using the no dig method! Along with Moonacres, a regenerative farm focused on promoting rich, fertile soil that creates nourishing food, healthy people and robust communities.


Seven Miles Coffee Roasters, Leaf and Berry Blend. Locally roasted in NSW seven miles is committed to producing the best coffee for their customers. With 9 different brands of coffee each one is created with sustainability at the forefront of their minds. Their Leaf & Berry coffee is a blend of 100% certified Fairtrade and organic coffees grown in the cool mountain climates of Latin America and Papua New Guinea.


Kangaroo Valley Pastured raised eggs. #betterthanfreerange . Their eggs are collected and processed onsite everyday. They reuse and recycle all trays and milk crates, this helps them minimise waste. All their eggs leave the farm within 2-4 days of being laid, this will make them the freshest eggs available on the market. In a few words, thats why we love these guys


Wholegrain Milling Co. started over 40 years ago at Wendy and Harry Neale’s families kitchen table. Now led by their son Craig Neale and his family, they work with Australia’s best bakers and farmers to sustainably grow their organic and sustainable grains.

Pork & Lamb

Redleaf Farm is a family run farm who’s beliefs and passions are just like our own. Passionate about ethically raising their animals, educating others about food and sustainable agriculture. Home to heritage breed Saddleback Pigs, Border Leicester X Merino sheep.


Hills Family Farmers, a family of Potato farmers based right here in the highlands. Established in 1904. Everything from planting, maintaining, picking, sorting and packing is done within the family on the farm in Robertson.

Our Suppliers

Our Suppliers


What if we work together to inspire, educate and grow our society through food and sustainability to bring us all back to where we need to be - working with nature not against it? If you're not contributing to the solution you're part of the problem.

x What if we could make a real difference – to our health, our communities and our environment? 

x What if there was a food focused co-operative with like minded local businesses working together to educate, promote and advocate a sustainable way of living through food? 

x What if we invited others to join us on this journey to learn, grow and thrive; to create a community that can spark a social movement of positive change and connection?
Here at What If, we have a strong focus on self-sufficiency, zero waste, education and the best locally sourced seasonal produce from our hand-picked suppliers. Our mission is to create a community who want to learn, live and thrive in an environmentally friendly, whole-chain approach to food and the planet. We will do this by exploring, sharing and educating one another on the benefits and possibilities that each season brings.

x Composting is the breaking down of any living or dead plant or animal material, known as organic matter. Decomposition is a natural process but we produce much more waste than nature alone can deal with. Composting fabricates the ideal conditions found in nature, to cope with the excess we produce. Given the ideal nutrients and conditions we can transform our food scraps into compost, a nutrient dense soil conditioner that benefits the environment in so many ways.

x Composting recycles our food scraps into a resource. The end product enhances the local soil health and reduces the need for chemically derived fertilisers. The addition of compost to the soil increases the lands water retention capability and reduces compaction making the land more productive.

We offer a local composting service to our subscribers and work with local hospitality businesses to collect their food waste and compost it to put back into the Southern Highlands soil.

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