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A huge part of The What If Society is education. We want to share as much knowledge as we can with our community and learn from each other whilst doing so. 

Our masterclasses are designed to be an intimate, hands-on experience. We offer a range of different masterclasses throughout the year.


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Make + bake our famous sourdough bread with us! 

This two part, hands on masterclass will be your entry to the oh so wonderful world of bread making. 

We will talk and guide you through each and every step of the sourdough process. Starting from how to feed and keep your starter alive to mixing and shaping to getting that perfect score when baking your loaf.


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Now we all know how amazing fermented and pickled foods taste, and that's not the only thing they have going for themselves. They are also great for your gut health AND they help us preserve our veg for even longer, preventing them from rotting and going to waste. In this masterclass we will explore the world of picking and fermenting. We'll taste, make + cook with our preserves to give you the ultimate hands on experience. This two part workshop is a month a part to give your own ferment time to do their thing. We'll then return to our ferments, taste them and show you how we cook with them. You'll come away with 4 jars of your own pickles and ferments.